Belleboo Haunted Mansion 2019


Registration starts at 1:00 PM 

Program is from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM. 

For discounted rates kindly proceed to Cafe D’ Asie  located at the 2nd floor, Main Wing of The Bellevue Manila to purchase your tickets.

  • 2 years old below are free of charge
  •  15% discount for BSD Members
  • 15% discount for BKC Members
  • 20% discount for Senior Citizen /PWD Cardholders

*Please present your valid ID to purchase your tickets.

Click “Pick your seat(s)” to start buying your tickets.

We recommend purchasing your tickets on a desktop or laptop for the best experience 🙂


1. Tickets may be purchased online using PayPal

• If you do not have a PayPal account, here’s how to sign up — it’s free and easy!

• Ready to sign up for your PayPal account? Click here.

• Just link your credit or debit card to PayPal, no need to have a PayPal balance.

2. Once you have your PayPal account, just click “Pick your seat(s)” at the bottom of this page.

3. If viewing on mobile, simply click the minus (-) sign to zoom out and view the full seating layout.

4. Pick an available seat by clicking on it, then select “Add to cart”

5. If buying more than one (1) ticket, click on a seat and select “Add to cart” again.

6. Repeat the process, until you have added all your selected seats to the cart.

7. Select “Go to cart” at the bottom right of the page.

8. Fill out the “Buyer Info” and “Attendee Info” fields.

Important: When adding your mobile number, please replace zero (0) with (+63). For example instead of 09178765432 use +639178765432

9. This is to ensure that a copy of your ticket(s) will be sent directly to your phone.

10. If you do not enter the correct format, you will also be emailed a copy of your ticket

Rest assured, will not use your number to send promotional material, we will only use it to send you a copy of your ticket. 

11. Click “Proceed to Checkout”

12. On the Payment Options page, select “PayPal” 

13. You will then be directed to a PayPal login page where you can finish the transaction.

14. Once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to your payment confirmation page with details and a downloadable link to your ticket.


  • There is no need to print your ticket.
  • Simply download it to your phone by taking a screenshot, or saving it to your photo gallery.
  • Your phone will simply be scanned for check-in to the The Bellevue Manila Belleboo Haunted Mansion 2019!

See you then!